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Yes, it’s March 2021 and while things are still a bit off kilter 
and Syrup Season has arrived.

That’s our focus for the next few weeks and it’s so ‘sweet’ to be back in the sugar bush.  Here Mother Nature continues to work her magic.

Birdsongs can be heard and the skunks are out.
(Hey, all the woodland creatures have their place.)

This year there will be no ‘tours’ but maple syrup will be available at our roadside stand.  We’re optimistic for next year and hope to be able to welcome guests then.

In the meantime we continue to adapt and remain aware of
how we must all do our part to
stay safe and keep others healthy.


Hamish and Misty Moo’s Midnight Adventure

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Lake Charles, Grey County


Farm life on the Niagara Escarpment.

Meet our ‘fold’ of Highlands.

Taste just how SWEET maple syrup can be .

To ORDER just send an email to info@bindertwinelane.ca
We’ll get back to your with pricing and delivery details.

If you’re in the neighbourhood – Stop and Use our Self Serve Window.

Seriously – it’s the sweetest stop you’ll make today.


Come for a visit

Highland cattle are adorable.

Reasons to love where we live

To Support our Sustainable Farming

About Our Farm


We LOVE our Highlands and not just because they are really adorable, although they are but because the breed is rugged and well suited to the winters and summers in Grey County. Early settlers (yes, from Scotland) introduced their cattle to the area and we expect , both man and beast, would have found a familiarity with their homeland.


A Brief History of Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle originated in the Highlands and west coastal islands of Scotland.  The weather in these areas is known for its severe climate and proximity to the winds from North Atlantic gales.

The Highland Cattle Society of Scotland was established in 1884 and the first Herd Book published in 1885 making it the oldest recorded breed in the world.


A ‘fold’ of Highlands

While groups of cattle are usually referred to as a ‘herd’ Highland cattle are known as a “fold“. This is because during the Scottish winter, the cattle were kept in open shelters made of stone called folds to protect them from the weather at night. They were also known as kyloes in Scots.

Highlands in the field at Binder Twine Lane – summer of 2020. Rooster and mom.




When is a walk in the woods More than a walk in the woods?

First steps in the woodlands – July 2020


Yes, it’s true.  Every time we enter the maple woods at Binder Twine Lane we discover something new and we’ve been exploring the forest for more than 10 years.

Whether it’s a new songbird in the spring or a porcupine trail in the first snowfall of winter – there’s always something unexpected and delightful.

And don’t get us started on how amazing the nighttime is.  From the brilliant dance of hundreds of fireflies to the soft call of the owl you’ll experience the  warmth of the darkness as it wraps around and pulls you in.

And if you’re a bit shy at first, well, don’t worry because you can always pull up a place at the campfire. Take in the night sky. Listen closely to the nocturnal language of the woods.  It’s a soothing voice and as peaceful a setting as you could wish for.

How Sweet it is!

Okay, so the title is a bit predictable but when you taste our maple syrup that’s what you’re going to say. ” Oh, how sweet it is!”

Canadian maple syrup is the BEST and the beautiful amber created along the escarpment is the BEST of the BEST.

It’s all about the soil and the minerals found in Grey and Bruce Counties.  Just like the Bordeaux wine region in France produce an amazing wine, the growing conditions In Grey County are perfect for our maples and they reward us with a sap that makes …. wait for it… the BEST syrup.

We’ve been tapping and boiling for a number of years and we use both pails and lines to gather the sap.

Our sugar shack is ‘quaint’ and yes that’s a euphymism for small, but our evaporator hums along during the season and our product speaks volumes about the care and love we have for the process.

This is a gathering place for friends and neighbours.  It’s a community place and we welcome those who stop by and stand in the warmth of the sweet aroma.

Butterflies love Binder Twine Lane and we love them.

Wildlife Preservation and Respect for the land

We are farmers, stewards of the land and while that moniker may sound somewhat aloof, that’s not the intention.  What it means is we care about where we live and about nature.  We employ sustainable farming practices. WE are a family farm – not a factory farm.  Our Highlands are grass fed and they freely wander the fields. They find the sunshine on early spring days and they rest under the shade of the trees in July.  When it rains they turn their backs to the wind and they like the snow.  They love the outdoors and we love the fact we can provide this natural environment for them.

We manage our forest and care for the trees within it.  The flora and fawna are necessary partners in a healthy woods and we respect the vegetation.

We live in harmony with the wildlife that shares our home.  The fox and deer arrive at will.  The wild turkeys strut across the pasture oblivious to their Highland comrades and we watch as the brightest of the group appears to be herding turkeys.

The bottom line here is:

WE ASK ALL OUR GUESTS TO RESPECT THE LAND AND THOSE WHO LIVE HERE.  Be they green and leafy or four footed and camera shy.  Binder Twine Lane is an amazing experience.  A day in the woods will rejuvenate you and put a spring in your step.  But, please remember you can’t pick the trilliums and breaking branches is a definite NO-NO.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

It’s all about choices.  No lecture here just a reminder that learning about others, respecting nature and being a positive influence and example – is a good thing.

Oh, and there’s nothing like a wet kiss from a cow.  You can take that to the bank!


When we open our gates we make new friends and find new ways to support our farming initiatives.

Support local

Learn where your food comes from.

Make the most of your life.

Experience the adventure.

Our Top Priorities

We have a number of priorities but the top three would have to be:

1. Enjoy life.  (Simple, but an effective way to make the most of one’s day.)

2. Provide an exceptional EXPERIENCE for all our guests. (Let us know how we did.)

3. Make certain all the animals also enjoy life.  (What’s  good for the goose is good for the gander.)

Name our baby - See our Facebook page

Misty Moo and Hamish were our first two Highlands.  Since then we’ve had a number of new additions – some purchased – many born at the farm.  This spring welcomed more. Kenny and Rooster have been very popular on our Facebook page.

Naming them is always a challenge and we’d like you to help.  Watch our FB for new baby pics.


If a tree falls in the woods – yes – we hear it and it happens on occasion.  Nature has a way of taking care of the forest and we do our part by clearing dead fall and removing any damaged or diseased trees.  A variety of species can be found standing sentinel in our woods and although there is a predominance of ‘hard maple. Hence, why we call it the maple bush and collect sap in the spring, you will find a collection of species.

Learn more about our Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Forests and the Carolinian and Boreal Forests of Ontario. Click Here.


This is what a summer day looks like at Binder Twine Lane.  Swaying grasses, wildflowers and soft breezes.  Afternoons are best if you’re tucked under the shade of the trees. Anyone for a nap?


There’s lots of ‘wildlife’ at Binder Twine Lane and we’ll be introducing you.

From the fox to the bald eagle and everything in between.  Some sightings are seasonal and some of our furred and feathered friends are year round residents.


We are first and foremost farmers.

WE love the land.  That’s a prerequisite for the job.  We understand hard work and respect those who take it on.  The wages can be challenging but the personal benefits are priceless.

We get to LIVE here.

The spring and summer gives us new life.  Calves and cows dot the field with kaleidoscopic colours.  Solids and prints and bouncing babies.  Brilliant.

You can stay the night


Sleep Under the Stars

Plans are underway to make overnight stays possible for guests.  Sleeping under the stars (and we have millions of them) is something everyone needs for their soul.  

At present we encourage anyone looking for local accomodation to check for AirbNb listings in and around Wiarton and Big Bay.   

Sometimes we camp outside with the kids.

Upcoming Events

Maple Syrup Tours – Postponed

Good health and good health practices are our number one priority at Binder Twine Lane.  To that end, we are following the recommendations of public health professionals and restricting access to our farm until April 15th.  We will update our website if this changes. 

The Maple Syrup Tour scheduled for Saturday, April 4th has been CANCELLED.

A Binder Twine Lane OPEN HOUSE will be held at a future date – keep watching for details. 

If you have questions or would like to know more about booking a visit to Binder Twine Lane please email:




Victoria Day TEA Cancelled until 2021

We had an absolutely FABULOUS Day planned for Victoria Day because we love a good (tea) party.  Fine china cups and local made  scones with cream and jam. Mmmmm. And because it’s a birthday was going to be cake.  

But LIFE had other plans and so we’ve cancelled but fully expect to be brewing up a great adventure for May 24th 2021.

We liked the graphics – so we’re leaving them up for a bit.  









Canada Day 

Oh, Canada – you’ll want to put Binder Twine Lane on your calendar.  Lots to do and see and if you forget your flag – don’t worry we’ve got one.cool  

We’re planning personal picnics. You in?

More Details

More Dates Coming Soon

“Who made this path in the snow
Who was it and where does it go?.”

Bundle up for a walk in the woods.

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